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UDOT Buys a Large Portion of the Buffalo Ranch for Proposed WDC

We are providing a link to the staff report from the recent State Transportation Commission meeting wherein the Commission approved the "hardship" purchase of a large portion of the Buffalo Ranch for the proposed West Davis Corridor.  This update is provided to dispel rumors circulating related to this sale.  

The City did not support nor encourage this purchase by UDOT.  Mayor Talbot, as a member of the Council of Governments, along with a few other Mayors voted against using corridor preservation funds for this purpose but the sale to UDOT still took place.  UDOT only purchased a large portion of the land.  They do not own the rights to the Conservation Easements which the City still retains on this parcel and others in the immediate area.  

UDOT has expressly told the City they can only obtain those easement rights through a condemnation proceeding after they obtain a Record of Decision on the proposed highway.  The City has sought legal counsel on this matter.  We will not discuss legal strategy the City is employing related to this sale or the City's frustration with the WDC EIS process in this update.  Senior staff, the Mayor and some Council members have met with senior UDOT officials in an effort to address relevant issues.  

Additionally the prior owner of the property (Viking Real Estate) had filed an application with the City seeking to amend the allowed uses of the Conservation Easement.  A public hearing was scheduled to hear that matter on January 19, 2016.  That public hearing was canceled at the request of Viking Real Estate once they understood their application was in error as they no longer own the majority of the property filed for under the easement use change application.  Viking Real Estate may or may not choose, to amend their change application and bring it forward at a future date for consideration.

UDOT has not applied for any zone or use changes on the property they now own.  UDOT is fully aware there is a conservation easement on the parcel and they are required to follow all the rules associated with the City owned conservation easements covering their parcel.

Should you have any additional question, please contact the Mayor or any member of the City Council and let them know of your concerns.

Utah Transportation Commission Meeting Agenda Fact Sheet


14-5-101     All-Night Parking

    No person shall park a vehicle on any street within the jurisdiction of Farmington City during the period from November 15 to and including the last day of February, between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. of any day, except physicians during emergency calls or by permit provided in Section 14-5-102.

Culinary Water Use Restrictions

For properties served by or with a secondary water system, it shall be unlawful for any person, business or entity to use culinary water for any outdoor watering.

Farmington City Raises Bond Rating

The City received a new Moody's bond rating of Aa2.


Norm Marshall Modeling Report for West Davis Corridor

Please click here to view the entire PDF report from Norm Marshall regarding the West Davis Corridor project. 

Jury Duty Scam Warning

The Farmington City Police Department has issued a warning statement to residents regarding a jury duty scam for which they have received numerous calls about in the past week.