City Manager: Dave Millheim

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City Hall
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025




Dave Millheim   City Manager

Dave Millheim
City Manager

My name is Dave Millheim and I have the privilege of being the City Manager of Farmington.  This means I am responsible for all day to day operations of the City under the general direction of the Mayor and City Council.  It is a big job but it is made easier by the very capable city employees we have to serve you.  One of the best things I enjoy about Farmington is the people, including those who work for for City and the residents who choose to live and work here and raise their families.  I think it was very well deserved when CNN / Money Magazine voted Farmington in 2011 as the 12th best city in America to live -- not just Utah but the entire nation.

Please take some time to get to see and know the real Farmington.  We are the third oldest city in Utah because those pioneers had great vision and put down roots within a few weeks of entering Utah.  Walk our trails, go have a hamburger at Station Park and enjoy the fountain show.  My son tells me it is the best "cheap date" he has found.  Attend one of our community plays or say thank you to the police officer who pulls you over and gives you the warning rather than the speeding ticket you might deserve.  Be good to your neighbors and keep a smile on your face.

We can always do better and we welcome your input.  If you have suggestions, compliments and/or complaints, please let me know.  It is an honor to have the job I have and I hope each and every day we are all working to keep Farmington the great place that it is.