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New, Safety-Concept Ambulance in Farmington City! Read about it here


Farmington Fire prides itself in providing quality and safe medical treatment and transport. Farmington Fire is licensed by the State of Utah as an Advanced level of EMS care. Our personnel are certified as and Advanced level EMT or Paramedic.  All our employees participate in Emergency Vehicle Operations training. Farmington Fire has three ambulances manufactured by Wheeled Coach. To provide for the safety of the crew as well as the patient Farmington Fire ensures the latest safety devices are included. The gurney seat-belt system includes shoulder a harness to keep the patient secure to the gurney during transport. The crew has five-point harnesses to allow them to be safely seat belted while doing patient care. Farmington Fire strives to have top of the line equipment and the latest in technology. One example of this is having a mechanical CPR device. Having good quality equipment gives patients and their families an added sense of comfort during an emergency.   

For more information about Farmington's EMS Services, please visit the following link:

For Emergencies call 911

Farmington City Fire provides emergency medical services for the city.  Our ambulances opperate under a ALS Transport State License.