Fire Chief


Chief's Welcome:

Welcome to the Farmington City Fire Department website!

This website was created with the intent to promote information sharing while

preserving over a century of Farmington’s Fire Department heritage.

As a Fire Chief, I am honored to serve this great community while working alongside

many of the greatest public servants known to Farmington. I make this statement

with the appreciation and respect to our past members who faithfully served our

community for over 100 years.

It is with warm hearts and strong hands that all of us at Farmington Fire thank you (our precious community members) for allowing us to serve you 24 hours a day / 365 days per year. The Farmington City Fire Department takes great pride in the fact we are owned by our own community. All facilities, apparatuses and equipment are specifically designed to service your needs as priority #1.

Our budget is managed carefully and respectfully to maximize “Delivery of Services” without over-burdening our tax payers. Creative staffing practices, continuous pursuance of grants and addressing Farmington’s specific needs help ensure the greatest return of your investment without compromising services received.

Please feel free to visit your fire station for a tour or visit with myself by calling (801) 939-9261 or email for an appointment.

We hope you enjoy this website and look forward to any feedback you may have!


Fire Chief

Guido Smith

“Proud protectors of your life and property since 1907”

For Emergencies Call 911

Fire Safety Tips - Help Us Help You

Fireworks Safety in Farmington

Recreational Burn Policy

Open Burning Policy for 2009

  • DO NOT put hot ashes in garbage cans.
  • Use EXTREME caution with candles in your home.  There have been recent house fires in the area that have been caused by candles.
  • Winter is here!  Have your furnace checked.  Are your detectors working properly?
  • Please check to make sure that you house number is visible from the street.  State Law requires all homes have a visible identification number.  If you can't see it, neither can we!
  • Parents!  Please talk with your children about traffic safety.

The Fire Department is located at 82 North 100 East, Farmington, Utah 84025