Farmington Audition Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When are auditions for your next show?  

A:  May 9 & 11th , 2019

Q:  How do I get an audition time?

A: Once you have registered you will be directed to a signup.  There you will be able choose from available times.

Q: What do I need to bring to auditions


  • Your filled out paperwork that was sent to you at time of registration (if you have not already submitted it.
  • Music for your memorized vocal solo
  • You will not need to bring a headshot.  You will have your picture taken at auditions.  You also do not need a resume.  The Audition Application will be sufficient.

Q: What should I prepare for my audition?


  •  Your paperwork should be completely filled out before your audition.  You will be asked to turn it in during your audition.
  • Prepare a 16 bars (about 45 seconds) musical solo.  This solo should compliment your voice and be a Broadway song in the general style of the show.  Music cannot be queued up in the room. If providing a CD, and you are not singing from the beginning of the song, you must record your music at the point you will begin singing. Internet at auditions is weak and therefore no streaming music will be accepted as accompaniment. Please download your backing track so that it does not need an internet connection.

Q: Where are auditions?

A:  Auditions will take place in the Farmington Community Arts Center Basement.  The address is 120 S. Main Street, Farmington.  You can access the basement on the west side of the building.

Q: Do I need to arrive early?

A: Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.  If you are late to your audition time or you are still filling out audition paperwork you will be asked to come back at the end of auditions. This is to ensure we may keep to our audition schedule.  Also plan for enough time to get relaxed and comfortable after check in.

Q:  What will happen at auditions


  • You'll check in and get measured for costuming
  • You'll be assigned an audition number
  • You'll wait in the hallway with other auditionees
  • When your number is called you will go into the audition room and hand your paperwork in
  • You will have your picture taken
  • You will hand your music to a member of the production team
  • The production team will ask you some easy questions so that we can get to know you
  • You will be asked to preform your solo.  Take a deep breath and really go for it.

That's it!  You can do it.  This is fun.  Break a leg!

Q:  What Does It Mean When You Get a Callback?

A:  It just means that the casting director and perhaps others involved in casting the roles in a project liked what they saw in your initial acting audition and are interested in seeing you again for that project.

When you don’t get a callback it does not mean that you did not do a good job in your acting audition. It may be that you were you were perfect for a role and have already been cast in a role.  If you do not get called back, do not worry.


Q:  How do I know if I have a callback? 

A:  A member of the production team will call you on the phone number you provided at time of audition.    Callbacks will take place in the same room as your first audition.  They will be Tuesday, January 15th.

Q:  When and where can I find out what part I got?

A: Cast list will be posted Wednesday May 15th at 5 pm on the show's Facebook page, the City's website and the front doors of the Community Arts Center.

Audition Tips

Audition Tips