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Length: 0.5 mile                      Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate                 Elevation Gain: 344 feet

16.2 Hornet Canyon Trail - Grotto Section

Description: This hiking trail leads up the east side of Hornet Canyon to a beautiful grotto hidden in the canyon (POI #24). The grotto has a small waterfall, a pool of water, a huge spring bursting from the mountainside, a 30-foot long “water weep” off an overhang, and green moss everywhere. It is a delightful place to visit.

Before reaching the grotto, you will pass several shaded campsites. One is next to a large rock outcropping called “Moss Rock” (POI #51). Beware of the poison ivy near the creek.

Access Locations:

Access #1 - Steed Creek Junction: The trailhead splits off the Steed Canyon Trail (#17.4) just after you cross Hornet Creek. Follow the trail up Hornet Canyon right next to the creek. Note that Hornet Creek is only a trickle in the late summer.

Access #2 - Hornet Canyon: This access is south off section #16.1. Take the trail spur before the ‘03 Fire Trail split-off.

The trail parallels a mountain stream with continuous tree Features:

  • There are several shaded campsites with water only 20 minutes up the
  • Experience the grotto with its small waterfall descending into a pool (POI #24).
  • Freshwater bursts from a huge spring out of the
  • There is a 30-foot long “water weep” dripping off an
  • Green moss is

Trail Surface and Status: This dirt trail is grassy, narrow, and well- shaded.

Hornet Canyon by Steve Rossi