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Length: 2.3 miles               Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous           Elevation Gain: 2568 feet
16.1 Hornet Canyon Trail - Waterfall Section

Description: This is a rigorous hiking trail ascending the mountain. You will then be able to travel north or south to other canyons using the gravel Skyline Drive. The trail is left as pristine as possible for a natural hiking experience. Occasional markers are provided to keep you on course. Generally speaking, the upper part of the trail usually follows the top of the ridge. Stay on top and keep climbing.

Section #18.2 starts at the 3rd waterfall described in section #18.3. Just before the waterfall, the trail continues up a draw for about 200 feet. At this point, look for a wooded trail spur to your left. Hike up this path about 300 feet to the creek, and you will find the best waterfall yet, the 4th waterfall. Return to the draw and continue climbing for a quarter mile before heading left over a hill and back down to the stream. At this point, near a fifth small waterfall, the trail goes to the top of the mountain with a ridge on your right called Moose Run Ridge (POI #45). There are moose all through this area. If you are quiet, you may be lucky enough to see one. Keep your distance. They are large animals and can be dangerous if spooked.

As you continue climbing, you will see the access to the south branch of the G2Connector Trail (#31.2) on your right heading south. This is where section #18.1 starts. After another quarter mile, you will reach the north branch of the G2Connector Trail (#31.1) on your left heading north. Hike another half mile, and you will reach the north ridge of Ford Canyon, where you join the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.1) that goes to the top of the mountain.

Access Locations: The top of this trail can be reached from Skyline Drive then hiking down the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.1) for a half mile. You can reach the bottom of section #18.1 from the top of section #18.2, and you reach section #18.2 from the top of section #18.3.

  • The trail takes you past two waterfalls to the top of the mountain.
  • Enjoy incredible vistas.
  • There are hidden geocaches along the way.
  • Moose Run Ridge (POI #45) is a steady climb through a tall pine forest.
  • Use the G2Connector trail sections #31.1 and #31.2 to loop back down if you decide not to go all the way to the top of the mountain.

Trail Surface and Status: This is a wilderness trail. Look for the trail markers to stay on course.