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Length: 0.5 mile                Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate           Elevation Gain: 440 feet
18.9 Davis Creek Trail -1st Waterfall Section

Description: This is a mountain trail system east of Farmington that leads to five beautiful waterfalls. This section is the lowest portion of that trail and includes the first waterfall. This trail is one of the true gems of Farmington, providing access to a world of incredible beauty and discovery. A hiker can reach the first waterfall in only 30 minutes. Then, if you have the time and energy, you can continue on to reach the top of the mountain, a rigorous hike, but well-worth the effort.

The trailhead starts at the east boundary of the city and parallels Davis Creek for a half mile to the first waterfall. Just below the waterfall, there is a trail spur to the north that goes a short distance to the “Indian Bathtubs” (POI #32). Be careful near the “bathtubs,” as the rock can be slippery when wet. Use the safety chains. These pools are refreshing on a hot summer day.

As you near the area of the first waterfall, you will come to a split-off by a trail marker post. You can take the left branch to the waterfall, or go straight ahead (southeast) to Pretty Valley, a large meadow hanging on the side of the mountain. The left branch will take you to a point just above the waterfall. Right before you cross the bridge over the creek, there is a steep trail to your right for skilled hikers only. This is section #18.7, which takes a northern route over the first low peak.

If you cross the creek above the waterfall, you can follow a switchback that connects you to the Triumph Trail (#34), then come back down the hillside to where you started for a one-mile loop hike.

Access Locations: 
Access #1 - Reservoir Trailhead with Parking: The trailhead is 200 feet south of Davis Canyon on Little Valley Road, which is reached by traveling east up 500 South off 200 East and bending south with the road that becomes gravel. There is parking available by the reservoir just north of Davis Canyon. Park, then walk up the road about 200 feet. Look for a small draw on your left. The trail starts in a small, wooded glen to the east of the road.

Access #2 - Triumph Trail Junction: Hike up the Triumph Trail (#34) a half mile to the first waterfall, then descend down to the creek and cross the bridge.

  • Enjoy a refreshing one-mile hike to a waterfall.
  • This trail is the gateway to five beautiful waterfalls.
  • There is plenty of parking at the Davis Canyon Reservoir.
  • Find a bench halfway up for reading or relaxation.
  • Enjoy a cool wade in the “Indian Bathtubs” on a hot summer day (POI #32).

Trail Surface and Status:  This trail is a dirt path in good shape.

Davis Creek 1st waterfall by G2Chipman
Hell Hole by Marshall AndersonΓÇÄ
Indian Bathtub Davis Creek by G2Chipman
Glacier Lillies Davis by G2Chipman
Davis Creek by G2Chipman
Christmas Tree Lane by Marshall AndersonΓÇÄ