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Length: 0.5 mile                Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate           Elevation Gain: 403 feet
#29 Hidden Meadows Trail

Description: This short trail descends into Ford Canyon from the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.2). The first part of the trail passes through three large meadows hidden on the mountainside. In the spring, the lower two meadows are filled with giant ferns that swallow you up. It is like walking through a jungle.

Access Location: Reach this trail from the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.2) after you pass the point where the top end of the Ford Canyon Overlook Trail (#26) rejoins the Bountiful Peak Trail.

  • Explore three large meadows on the side of the mountain (POI #50).
  • Walk through two huge fern fields.
  • There is an excellent place to camp at the top of the first meadow.
  • Descend into the scenic Ford Canyon.
  • See the new growth since the devastating ’03 fire.

Trail Surface and Status: This trail is a wilderness trail on native grasses.

29 Hidden Meadows Trail