Length: 1.9 miles                    Time: 2 hours starting at Patsy’s Mine

Difficulty: Moderate                Elevation Gain: 1051 feet

#22.1-22.4 Francis Peak Trail

Description: An American flag is visible on the hillside east of Farmington from all across the city. The Flag Rock Trail was prepared by Randy West, who has led an annual hike to commemorate the attacks of September 11, 2001. The flag was placed on the mountainside in memory of the emergency personnel and others who perished in that terrible disaster. The climb symbolizes the climb the rescuers took up the Twin Tower stairs since the elevators were not usable. The height from the top of 100 N. to the flag is the same as the height of the Twin Towers before their collapse. It is a long climb, but all the switchbacks make the trail less steep, so even children can make the trek.

A good alternative route down the mountain is the north section of the trail, which offers shade on a hot day. At the flag, go north instead of east to come back down the mountain.

Access Locations:

Access #1 - Patsys Mine Junction: Take the Patsy’s Mine Trail (#15.1) and look for the branch to Flag Rock just before you reach the mine. The trail splits off to the right and continues up the hillside. It crosses a draw for the final ascent to the flag. See the trailhead instructions for the Patsy’s Mine Trail section #15.2 on page 116.

Access #2 - Bonneville Shoreline Trail: The north section of the Flag Rock trail is east off the BST (#1.6) (firebreak road) just after you pass Rudd Canyon. Rudd Canyon is a small canyon a half mile south of Farmington Canyon. From Main Street, go east on 600 N., then north on 100 E. (Farmington Canyon Rd.). Continue up the canyon to the firebreak road on your right. If you reach the bridge, you have gone too far. Drive or walk south along the firebreak road to the first small canyon on your left (Rudd Canyon), then continue on the road looking for a brown Carsonite post on your left. The trail starts here and leads up the mountain with many switchbacks to the intermediate peak where the flag waves in the breeze.


  • This is a memorial hike to honor the fallen heroes of 9/11.
  • Enjoy the view from atop Flag

Trail Surface and Status: This is a dirt path in fairly good condition.

“Take life to a new level - Hike!”

flag rock crop