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Length: 2.4 miles      Time: 1.5 hours on foot
Difficulty: Easy          Elevation Gain: 23 feet

13.2-13.4 Buffalo Ranch Trail - Buffalo Ranch Sections

Description: Section #13.2 winds through a wetland using boardwalks and smooth gravel pathways. It allows people from the fairgrounds at 1100 W. and adjoining neighborhoods to enjoy a pleasant escape on hectic days. The trail goes to 1525 W.

Section #13.3 provides two connections to section #13.4 from 1525 W. One connection is at 60 S. 1525 W., where there is a sidewalk behind the houses that will lead you to section #13.4.  The other access is at 500 S. on 1525 W. going west.

Section #13.4 is the east half of a loop trail that circles beautiful pastures in a ranch with two ponds full of aquatic life. This section is suitable for horses. You also have a great view of sunsets across the Great Salt Lake.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Fairgrounds Trailhead with Parking: From the middle of Farmington, drive west on State Street, which becomes 100 N. Turn south (left) at 1100 W. and park at the Davis County Fairgrounds. Cross 1100 W. and start north down the Rails-to-Trails Trail (#7). After 100 feet, the trail is on the left. The trail winds westward to 1525 W.

Access #2 - 100 N. Trailhead with Parking: From the middle of Farmington, drive all the way west on State Street, which becomes 100 N. There is a parking lot at the trailhead. The trail heads north and south from the road.

Access #3 - Glovers Lane: Drive all the way west on Glovers Lane (925 S.), which you can reach from the south frontage road or 200 E. The trailhead is just north of the FAA radome (a.k.a. “the soccer ball”).

  • Enjoy two boardwalks across the wetland.
  • The trail circles a ranch with beautiful pastures.
  • Section #13.4 is popular for equestrian use.
  • The sunsets are most striking.
  • Excellent for walking or jogging off the roadway on a smooth gravel surface.
Trail Surface and Status: An excellent nature trail with smooth gravel and some sidewalks.