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Length: 1.1 miles       Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy           Elevation Gain: 23 feet
13.5 Buffalo Ranch Trail - Farmington Ranches Park
Description: This trail circles Farmington Ranches Park. The park has tennis courts, a playing field, a bowery, a playground, restrooms, drinking fountains, and parking.
Several trails from adjoining neighborhoods feed into the park from all directions, including one from the south that leads to Eagle Bay Elementary School.
Access Locations: 
Access #1 - North of Eagle Bay Elementary School across 100 N.
Access #2 - From Ironsides Way from the west.
Access #3 - From Stampede Drive to the northwest.
Access #4 - From Spring Meadow Lane to the northeast.
Access #5 - From North Country Bend Circle to the southeast.
  • The trail is suitable for walking or jogging.
  • Farmington Ranches Park is at the center.
  • The park is a full-feature park with all the improvements.
  • The trail is close at hand to many residents for quick access.
Trail Surface and Status: The trail is smooth cement or pavement.
Farmington Ranches Park2 by Amy Shumway
Farmington Ranches Park by Amy Shumway