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Length: 1.9 miles             Time: 3.5 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous        Elevation Gain: 1595 feet

12.1 Farmington Spine Trail - Upper Canyon Section

Description: This trail section starts at a rock altar halfway up the mountain where the trail connects to the Steed Creek Trail (#17.1) then descends down to the top of a “subway” section or natural depression on a ridge at section #12.2. You will pass through several beautiful forests of pine, aspen, maple, mountain mahogany, and finally, Gambel oak. You will be in shade most of the way. Look for aluminum marker discs to stay on the trail. With the trail users in the Farmington Trail System spread out over 146 miles of trails, you probably will have this section of the mountain all to yourself. Enjoy the quiet beauty of nature!

Access Location: Section #12.1 begins halfway up the mountain on the Steed Creek Trail (#17.1) at the “rock altar.” If you want to start at this end of the Farmington Spine Trail, hike up the Steed Creek Trail first to the rock altar then come down the Farmington Spine Trail (#12.1). See the instructions given for the Steed Creek Trail (#17).

Enjoy beautiful sunsets across the lake.
• This is a great hike for enjoying solitude.
• Pass through several beautiful forests.
• The trail is shaded most of the way.

Trail Surface and Status: This is a wilderness trail with minimal disruption of the pathway for a more natural hiking experience. Watch for the markers to stay on course.

12.1 Farmington Spine Trail - Upper Canyon Section