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Length:  4.9 miles           Time: 2.3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate        Elevation Gain: 1793 feet
30.2-30.3 Great Western Trail - South Sections

Description: The Great Western Trail is intended to extend from Canada down the Rocky Mountains to Mexico, thus truly becoming an international trail. East of Farmington, the trail mostly follows the top ridgeline of the Wasatch Mountains. This section of the trail is composed of a gravel road or a dirt jeep road.

Access Location - Francis Peak: From Main Street, go east on 600 N., then north on 100 E. (Farmington Canyon Rd.). Go all the way up the canyon to a road with a gate that branches off to the left toward the FAA radome on Francis Peak. In this area, the trail follows the gravel road to Francis Peak and south to Farmington Flats. From this lofty trail, you can see down into Morgan valley to the east.

  • The Great Western Trail is part of an international trail that will one day tie the U.S. to Canada and Mexico.
  • Motorized vehicles are permitted on some sections.
  • Enjoy great views of the Great Salt Lake valley to the west and Morgan valley to the east.
  • This trail could be part of a week-long adventure.
  • Farmington Flats is a great place to camp and play on top of the mountain.

Trail Surface and Status: The trail is mostly a gravel road for street vehicles to the north of Farmington Flats, and turns into a more narrow hiking trail to the south.

Francis Peak by Amy Shumway