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Length: 1 mile                 Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate         Elevation Gain: 1152 feet

16.1 Hornet Canyon Trail - Waterfall Section

Description: This hiking trail leads up Hornet Canyon to a seasonal waterfall then loops south to a campsite up Steed Canyon. There are some steep climbs and an easy rock slide crossing. The trail offers a beautiful view of the canyon and its rugged cliffs.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Steed Creek Junction: The trailhead splits off from the Steed Canyon Trail (#17.5) about 1000 feet east from the Steed Canyon trailhead on the firebreak road (BST). If you reach Hornet Creek, you have gone too far. Backtrack about 100 feet and look for the north trail branch. The Steed Canyon Trailhead is on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at about 300 South just north of Steed Creek. See instructions for access under the Steed Creek Trail (#17.5).

Access #2 - Cliffs Junction: This access is from a campsite at the top end of the Steed Creek Trail (#17.4) near the cliffs. For more information, see the Steed Creek Trail (#17.4).

  • The trail parallels a mountain stream and has some sections of tree cover.
  • Visit Mezzanine Rock (POI #25), a flat rock jutting out into the canyon with a grand entryway, opera box, and stone benches.
  • Find “Big Foot,” a stone foot size 110, located about 50 feet up the ’03 Fire Trail (#28) (POI #23).
  • Sit in Bullwinkle’s Chair, a stone “chair” (POI #22).
  • Don’t miss Bob’s Boulder (POI #21) as you cross over it on the trail.
  • Hike to a waterfall that is visible from the valley during high runoff seasons.
  • This trail provides a close look at the famous, rugged Farmington cliffs.

Trail Surface and Status: This trail is a dirt path with some loose rocks.

Moss Rock by G2Chipman