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Length: 3.1 miles       Time: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: Easy           Elevation Gain: 98 feet

5.3 Oakridge Preserve Trail - Wetland Section icons

Description: Section #5.1 starts at Main Street and 1800 N. across from Cherry Hill. The sidewalk continues south down to Shepard Lane. On the way you will find a paved jogging path around Heritage Park. At the park you can enjoy a basketball game on the court or a picnic on the grass.

Section #5.2 follows a sidewalk west from Main Street in Farmington, under Hwy-89, and past Oakridge Country Club Golf Course to 1525 W.  It then goes north on a paved path east of I-15 to Pond’s Park in Kaysville. The section of trail in Kaysville is called the “Kaysville Rotary Walkway” due to the generosity of the Kaysville Rotary Club.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Cherry Hill: 1800 North across the street from the Cherry Hill Park in Kaysville.

Access #2 - Heritage Park Trailhead with Parking:  1075 W.  and about 1600 N.

Access #3 - Maverik Trailhead with Parking: Maverik Country Store, 957 Shepard Lane

  • The trail is close to many residents for quick access.
  • The trail is suitable for walking, biking or jogging.
  • Heritage Park is next to the trail.
  • The trail leads to Cherry Hill in Kaysville.
Trail Surface and Status: The trail is smooth cement or pavement.
North Frontage Road by Amy Shumway