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Length: 1.9 miles       Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy           Elevation Gain: 29 feet

5.3 Oakridge Preserve Trail - Wetland Section icons

Description: This trail hooks around the south portion of the Oakridge Golf Course and the Farmington Crossings Subdivision. You can walk a loop around the wetland south of Farmington Crossing. Watch the wildlife or sit on one of the comfortable benches to read a book while enjoying nature.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Shepard Lane Trailhead with Parking:
Maverik Country Store on Shepard Lane at 1075 W.

Access #2 - Park with Parking: Parking is available at a small park, accessed from the end of 1100 W.

Enjoy exercising off the roadway on a smooth asphalt surface.
• The trail is close at hand to many residents for quick access.
• Explore a delightful wetland in the middle of the city.
• This is a great trail for residents in a high density area to stretch                 their legs.

Trail Surface and Status: The trail is smooth asphalt. It will one day be extended west of the golf course back up to Shepard Lane.

oakridge preserve trail by Amy Shumway