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Length: 1.5 miles           Time: 2.5 hours

Difficulty: Strenuous      Elevation Gain: 1365 feet
#32.1 Old North Trail - Summit Section

Description: The Old North Trail, a sister trail to the Bountiful Peak Trail, has been used for generations to reach the top of the mountain before descending into Morgan Valley. In historical books, writers referred to this as the “North Trail” and the Bountiful Peak Trail as the “South Trail.”

There is a mountain peak called “Midway Peak” (POI #36), on the side of the mountain halfway up this trail. From here to Bountiful Peak, the trail follows the top of the ridge, providing great views to the north and south. The trail joins the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.1) just before reaching Skyline Drive and Bountiful Peak.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Midway Peak: Halfway up section #32.2, you will reach Midway Peak, which is on the ridge overlooking Steed Canyon. This is the start of section #32.1.

Access #2 - Bountiful Peak Junction:  From Skyline Drive, go down the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.1) about 1500 feet. Section #32.1 splits off to the north.

  • Hiking all the way to the summit can be a full day’s adventure.
  • This trail has historical value as an old horse trail.
  • You will have some impressive views of the valley below.

Trail Surface and Status: This is a wilderness trail on native grasses. Look for the trail markers to stay on course.

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