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Length: 0.7 mile              Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate         Elevation Gain: 663 feet

14 Rudd Canyon Trail

Description: This hiking path goes just a short distance up the canyon to a natural campsite (as in “no improvements”).

Access Location: From Main Street, go east on 600 N., then north on 100 E. (Farmington Canyon Rd.). Continue up the canyon to the firebreak road on your right. If you reach the bridge, you have gone too far. Drive or walk south along the firebreak road to the first small canyon on your left (Rudd Canyon). Look for the trailhead just before the canyon. There is a second access location just south of the canyon that joins the main trail after crossing the creek. The trail ascends the hillside parallel to an old metal water pipe. After you cross a shelf, the mountain will get steep. You can keep going east on the Rudd Canyon Trail for 200 hundred yards to where the trail currently ends. The Farmington Spine Trail (#12.2) branches off on the left just as you are about to enter the canyon.

  • Features a small campsite within easy walking distance of the city.
  • Historical Note: Flood waters from Rudd Canyon in 1983 destroyed several homes. One home was seen floating across Main Street on international news. The debris was trucked to Farmington Bay to create Goose Egg Island.

Trail Surface and Status: This is a dirt path that is in good shape.

170 - Trail Splits Rudd Canyon and SPine by Logan Ulrich
171A Rudd Canyon Campsite by Logan Ulrich