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Length: 0.9 mile           Time: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: Strenuous     Elevation Gain: 1231 feet
#32.1 Old North Trail - Summit Section

Description: Ranchers of a bygone era would use the lush mountainsides for summer grazing of their cattle. This trail is the old access to the highland meadows. The top end of the Cattleman Trail connects with the G2Connector Trail (#31.2), allowing you the option of returning down the Davis Creek Trail (#18.2) to the north or the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.2) to the south.

The first part of the trail climbs a short distance up a hill, then hooks right to connect with a small ravine. Follow the ravine up the mountain for a considerable distance, then continue east in the pleasant shade of several forests until you reach the G2Connector Trail (#31.2).

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Davis Creek Trail Junction: Access the trail from the Davis Creek Trail section #18.4 after climbing the hillside above Pretty Valley. Turn to the right (southeast) before the trail descends into the Hell Hole area.

Access #2 - G2Connector Junction: The top end of this trail is accessible from the middle of the G2Connector Trail (#31.2).

  • This is a rigorous hike in forest shade.
  • The trail connects to the G2Connector for various return hike options.
  • Enjoy some great views of the valley below.

Trail Surface and Status: This is a wilderness trail on native grasses. Look for the trail markers to stay on course. Generally, you will be ascending a ridge on the side of the mountain.