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Length: 0.3 miles              Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate          Elevation Gain: ~15
12.1 Farmington Spine Trail - Upper Canyon Section
Description: This section starts at the BST about 100 feet north of Steed Creek. Go east up Steed Canyon.
Access Locations: The trail access starts in the city limits at the east end of 200 S. Climb the hillside until you reach the firebreak road, which is also the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in this area. Go south a third of a mile. The trailhead is on your left just before you reach Steed Creek.
  • This section of trail provides access from the city to several other trails.
  • There is a campsite at the mouth of Steed Canyon that you can drive to.
Trail Surface and Status: This is a dirt path that is easy to follow.
Steed Creek by G2C
17.5 Steed Creek Trail - Lower Canyon Section