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Length: 1.8 miles                Time: 3.5 hours
Difficulty:  Strenuous           Elevation Gain: 868 feet
12.1 Farmington Spine Trail - Upper Canyon Section

Description: This section of trail takes you from the top of the cliffs, through a “saddle” area to a level camp, then up to the top of the mountain. Stay on top of the ridge as you climb. About a third of the way up, you will reach a large rock altar on an intermediate peak (POI #30).

To reach the top, keep climbing until it starts to level off and find a double-track trail. This will take you up to Skyline Drive, a road that traverses the top of the mountain.

Access Locations: Reach this section of trail from section #17.2 when hiking up the mountain, or drive up Farmington Canyon Road to Skyline Drive and hike down from the top.

  • Find the “geocache altar” halfway up the mountain (POI #30).
  • Climb all the way to the road on top of the mountain.
  • Fantastic views await you!

Trail Surface and Status: Most of the trail is in good shape with some steep sections. The far east end is in need of work but has markers to help you find the way. This is a wilderness trail and left as natural as possible.

Steed Creek by Ron Robinson
Steed Creek by Ron Robinson2
17.1 Steed Creek Trail - Summit Section