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Length: 0.5 miles       Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy           Elevation Gain: 72 feet
17.6 Steed Creek Trail - Woodland Park Section

Description: This is a walking path through a beautiful park with natural vegetation. There are many picnic tables, drinkable water, parking, a streamside nature walk, a volleyball court, a small soccer field, and a stage for evening park performances.

From the park, you can walk up to 200 S. then up the hillside to Steed Canyon. The trails there (#17.1-5) will take you to the top of the cliffs then to the top of the mountain.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - 200 E. Trailhead with Parking: 200 E. and 300 South next to the police station. Parking is available in the parking lot west of the police station and down the hill.

Access #2 - Joy Drive: Take Aileen Way (75 W.) south from Farmington Elementary School (200 S.) to Joy Drive (~350 S.). Turn east to the bend in the road. Look for a path on the right between two chain-link fences leading to the park. This is the northwest entrance to Woodland Park and will put you on the trail.

  • The park is great for outdoor events, complete with picnic tables, a volleyball court, a large grassy area, a large pavilion, and a stage.
  • Several trails wind through forested paths.
  • Drinkable water is available.
  • Restrooms are available at the entrance.
  • There is plenty of off-street parking,
  • You can reserve the park through the Parks & Rec Department for family reunions, etc.
  • Activity kits can be rented from the Parks & Rec Department with sports items for playing in the park.
  • Watch for announcements of plays and concerts in the park.

Trail Surface and Status: The packed dirt trail is in excellent shape for an enjoyable stroll.

17.6 Steed Creek Trail - Woodland Park Section