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Length: 2.7 miles            Time: 2.5 hours

Difficulty:  Strenuous       Elevation Gain: 2589 feet

3.1 Wolverine Trail - Summit Section icons

Description: This is an old hunter’s trail going up the ridge of a mountain. It comes out on the road to Francis Peak. For a shorter hike, go a quarter of the way up, take a connecting trail to the north (Little Canyon) and return down a jeep road (section #3.2). You can also hike three quarters of the way up and come down the Shepard Creek Trail (#9.1) to the south. 

Section #3.1 includes the east part of the trail from Francis Peak down to the connecting trail and the connecting trail down to Little Canyon. Section #3.2 is the west part of the trail from the connecting trail down to the Fruit Heights Upper Terrace Trail (#21).

Access Locations: Reach this trail by hiking up the lower part of #3.2 or drive to the top near Francis Peak and hike down. 

  • This is one way to get to Francis Peak, elevation 9515 ft.
  • This trail gives you a great view of the valley all the way up the trail.

Trail Surface and Status: This trail is a dirt pathway left as natural as possible.

Wolverine by Ron Robinson