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Urban Forestry

Trees keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Urban Forestry

Trees cut down noise pollution by acting as sound barriers.

Urban Forestry

Tree roots stabilize the soil and prevent erosion.

Urban Forestry

Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water as well as protecting aquifers and watersheds.

Approved Species for Street Tree Planting in Farmington City

This list represents those trees which are deemed by the city forester as the most suitable species for planting along Farmington’s streets. They were selected according to their proven dependability and practicality as street trees. Questions about these trees or new species not listed should be addressed to the city forester to verify their dependability and practicality as a street tree in Farmington City.
Large Trees - Over 60' in height
Minimum planting strip 10' wide
Minimum dustance between trees 50'
Not to be planted under wires

Common Horsechestnut
Common Hackberry
Thornless Common Honeylocust
American Sweetgum
London Planetree
Bur Oak
Pin Oak
Red Oak
English Oak
Japanese Pagodatree
Common Baldcypress
American Linden
Littleleaf Linden
Japanese Zelkova

MEDIUM TREES 40' - 60' in height
Minimum planting strip 8' wide
Minimum distance between trees 45'
Not to be planted under wires

Red Horsechestnut
Norway Maple
Cleveland Norway Maple
Crimson King Norway Maple
Fassen’s Black Norway Maple
Parkway Maple
Sycamore Maple
Green Ash
Autumn Gold Ginkgo
Princeton Sentry Ginkgo
Sargent Cherry
Yoshino Cherry
Bradford Callery Pear
Aristocrat Pear
Autumn Blaze Pear
Greenspire Linden
Kentucky Coffee Tree

SMALL TREES Under 40' in height
Suitable for 5' planting strips
Minimum distance between trees 25'
May be planted under wires

Hedge Maple
Amur Maple
Globe Norway Maple
Globe Catalpa
European Hornbeam
Eastern Redbud
English Hawthorn
Lavalle Hawthorn
Washington Hawthorn
Fairmount Ginkgo
Columnar Ginkgo
Liberty Splendor Ginkgo
Mayfield Ginkgo
Flowering Crabapple
Japanese Flowering Cherry
Flowering Cherry
Sweet Cherry
Cherry Plum
Canada Plum
Common Birdcherry
Chanticleer Pear