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Swim Lesson Registration

-Residents: Monday, April 25, 2016 at 8am
-Non-Residents: Monday, May 2, 2016 at 8am

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Text "REC" or "WEATHER" to 78919

Farmington Parks & Rec
720 W 100 N
Farmington, UT 84024
(801) 451-0953

Swimming Pool
142 S. Main Street
Farmington, Utah 84025

Summer: 801-451-5179
Winter: 801-451-0953




Swim Lessons


Registration for the 2019 Season Begins:
Residents- April 22, 2019 at 8 am
Non-Residents- April 29, 2019 at 8am

  Session 1- June 3-13, 2019
Session 2- June 17-27, 2019
Session 3- July 1-11, 2019 * No Lessons on July 4th make up on July 5th
Session 4- July 15-26, 2019 *No Lessons on July 24th Make up on July 26th
Session 5- July 29- August 8, 2019


Swim Lesson Resident Non-Resident
Fees $35.00 $45.00

Level and Descriptions

Parent & Tot: (6mo-3yr)

Parent helps child with first interaction with water. Child’s confidence is built as parent and child work toward a goal of independence and safety.

Price: $32 Residents | $42 Non-Residents

Beginner 1: (3yr)

This is child’s first independent experience in the water without parent present. Student’s work on increasing confidence level in water while learning basic strokes, all with support of teacher.

Price: $32 Residents | $42 Non-Residents

Beginner 2: (3-4yr)

Child is more confident in water, is able to get face wet and listen to the teacher. This level starts out with support and ends with independence. Must be able to float to pass.

Price: $32 Residents | $42 Non-Residents

Intermediate 1: (5-6yr)

In this level children are purely independent and can float on their own. Children with learn to swim independently for a short distance. Stroke progression continues and the mechanics and critique of strokes increases.

Price: $32 Residents | $42 Non-Residents

Intermediate 2: (7-8yr)

Children must be able to swim a short distance on their own with attempts to put their face in the water while swimming. In this level they begin to learn side breathing for Front Crawl and more difficult steps for strokes.

Price: $32 Residents | $42 Non-Residents


Intermediate 3: (8-9yr)

Students are expected to be able to swim Front Crawl independently with some level of confidence as they will be asked to swim short distances. They will learn more difficult strokes such as Breast Stroke and Side Stroke.

Price: $32 Residents | $42 Non-Residents

Advanced 1: (9-10yr)

Students are expected to be able to swim with confidence as they will be asked to swim at least 15 yards frequently. They will add upon previous knowledge of strokes and begin to swim Breast Stroke and beginning of Butterfly.

Price: $32 Residents | $42 Non-Residents

Advanced 2: (10+)

Students will be building endurance and perfecting strokes. They will be asked to swim 25 yards frequently to help build endurance and increase confidence with strokes. All stokes are covered and critiqued in this level and basic diving is taught.

Pre-Swim Team: (minimum of 8 years old)

This class is for students who know all of their strokes. Endurance is increased and stroke perfection is stressed. This will help students who wish to join a swim team gain confidence or for any student to feel more confident about their individual strokes.

Diving: (minimum of 9 years old)

This class is purely diving. Students will learn a wide variety of dives, such as a Tuck Dive, Pike Dive, Front Flip One and a Half, and many more. They will learn proper diving approach, and techniques to help them increase their confidence in diving.

*Ages are not a limitation, just a suggestion.