Spring Baseball

  • Registration: Jan. 2-Feb. 16, 2018
  • Season: April 10-June 1
  • Post Season Tourn.: June 4-15

Registration & Activities:

**Post Season Baseball: The players wishing to continue on with baseball can try out for post season and continue with the Farmington Area Baseball League (FABL) organization.
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 2018 Baseball Information


Baseball Rules

Baseball Results

Registration: January 2 - February 16, 2018

Ages as of August 31, 2018 - New aging date for Pony Baseball Leagues for 2018 season

New Bat rule for 2018, These bats must be used for 2018 All - Stars and will be used in 2019 regular season

Effective January 1, 2018, with the exception of -3 (BBCOR certified), all other 2 1/4" and 2 5/8" barrel bats with a minus factor of (-5, -7, -9, etc.), must be USABat certified with the USABat licensing stamp on the bat in order to be used for league and tournament play. All 2 1/4" and 2 5/8" minus factor bats -5, -7, -9, etc. used in 2017 will be illegal to use in 2018. Pony Baseball Bat Rule 2018

AGE GROUP AGES  as of       8/31/2018 # OF GAMES COST (Resident) COST (Non-resident)
T-ball 4 yrs. 6-8 Games $40 $55
Coach Pitch 5 yrs 6-8 Games $40 $55
Shetland* 6 yrs. 6-8 Games + Single Elimination Tournament $45 $60
Pinto* 7 - 8 yrs. 6-8 Games + Double Elimination Tournament $50 $65
Mustang* 9 - 10 yrs. 8-10 Games + Double Elimination Tournament $65 $80
Bronco* 11 - 12 yrs. 10-12 Games + Double Elimination Tournament $80 $95
Pony* 13 - 14 yrs. 10-12 Games + Single Elimination Tournament $110 $125
Colt 15 - 18 yrs. 10-12 Games + Single Elimination Tournament $110 $125


Season: April 10 - June 1, 2018 Some games may not be made up due to spring weather.

Shetland-Colt - will have a post season tournament and will be held from June 4- June 15, 2018

* These age groups will be Pony Affiliated and opportunity for all stars.

**Mustang/Bronco/Pony age groups will be divided out by skills assessment and draft - Colt age group will have a draft

***Post Season Baseball (All Stars): The players wishing to continue on with baseball can try out for post season and continue with the Farmington Area Baseball League (FABL) organization.


Fall Developmental Baseball

Registration: June 5- July 14, 2017
Space is Limited

Age Group Ages Cost (Resident) Cost (Non-Resident)
T-ball Schedule 4-5 yrs $30 $45
Shetland Schedule 6 yrs. $30 $45
Pinto Schedule 7 - 8 yrs. $30 $45
Mustang Schedule 9-10 yrs. $40 $55
Bronco Schedule 11-12 yrs. $45 $60

*Uniforms are bought separate and used from season to season: $15

Season: August 29- September 30, 2017

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The goal of Farmington's fall development baseball program is to develop players, coaches, and umpires. For Mustang ages and below, we expect we'll have enough players to form teams. Based on this, we're planning on having a minimum of 7 games, as well as some league-organized practices/clinics. For Bronco age we're planning to provide more of a baseball camp/clinic experience. There will still be games at these older ages, but there may not be set teams throughout the year.

RULES:  For some or all games at all ages may be adapted to focus on specific skill development (such as having a game where everyone hits off the tee, or not allowing walks).

If your child will be playing in an older age division next spring, and you are interested in having her/him play at that level this fall, you are welcome to do so. There are pros and cons to playing up.
Should I play T-ball or Shetland? Development for 4 - 6 year olds varies. Some younger players will do well playing in the Shetland division. Others will not. If your child is bored with T-ball, it may work to play him up to Shetland.