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Farmington Parks & Rec
720 W 100 N
Farmington, UT 84024
(801) 451-0953






It’s time to make preparations for another Farmington Festival Days Celebration. Thank you for your interest and participation in this event. The following guidelines must be followed by ALL participants. Please read carefully in order to avoid confusion.



  1. All Vendors: Fill out and mail the enclosed application with a check made out to Farmington City for the amount specified. You may also apply at the Parks and Recreation office. The last day to register without a late fee is Friday, July 6, 2018. However, booths may be filled before this date. If mailing payment, it must be received by the office by July 6, 2018 to avoid the late fee.


  1. All Vendors: Your application is not considered complete unless it includes a total list of items you wish to sell. Food vendors enclose a full menu. To prevent duplication, please DO NOT add any items to your list once your itemized list has been accepted. No exceptions please.


  1. Vendors using a Truck or Trailer: Your application is not considered complete unless it includes FULL measurements of your truck or trailer; A) Length, including hitch, B) width, and C) height. If your measurements change after your application has been accepted, you will have to re-apply with current measurements. If measurements are not accurate when you arrive on site or are different than what you submitted on your application, your application can be revoked.


  1. All Vendors: Your booth will not be reserved until payment has been received. You can pay in person at the Parks and Recreation office, or via mail using the mailing address provided on the following page. Make checks payable to Farmington City.


All applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Duplicate items may be denied and your check returned to you. You may adjust your entry and re-apply.

All vendors who have participated in Festival Days within the last three years, and for those who are Farmington residents, registration will begin April 6, 2018. For all others, registration will begin April 13, 2018.


There will be a map selection online at , as well as in the Parks and Recreation office. All fees and applications must be received by the Parks and Recreation office before choosing a designated space on the map. Vendors may look at the map online, then call or come in to select the desired booth number. The map will be updated online weekly, so be aware that booths may be taken that have not yet been indicated on the map. Farmington City has the right to change the booth number selection if unforeseen issues arise. All vendors must stay at their assigned booth.  We do not allow roaming vendors.

Please be aware of the map legend when you are choosing your location on the map. There are only certain booths with electricity, indicated with a striped booth. If you need overnight electricity, there will be an extra fee. We are not responsible if electricity goes out overnight.  If you need water, please take note of the location of the access point on the map. Water must be carried to and from stations.  There are no direct water hose connections available.  We do not supply tables or chairs. Be prepared to bring your own if needed.


DATE:                                   Saturday, July 14, 2018

LOCATION:                         Farmington City Forbush Park: 100 South Main Street

SET UP/TAKE DOWN:      Set-up time: Friday, July 13th: 5-10 pm


Saturday, July 14th: 6:30-8:00 am

Take down/clean up: 4:00 pm (half day) OR 10:00 pm (full day)


ADDITIONAL INFO:         Please plan to come by the park on Friday, July 13th between 5-10 pm, to check in and review your booth area. If you would like to begin your set up at this time, you may do so. If you have a truck or trailer, you will be required to set up on Friday night. If you have a kid’s ride or activity, you MUST come early on Saturday and check in with us. Lighting and overnight security will be provided.  On Saturday, the parking lot will fill up by 8:00 AM so come early for good parking! There will be NO VEHICLES ALLOWED on the grass after 8:00am on Saturday. After 8:00 am, you will need to carry everything in on foot.


  • Please note there will be additional fees if you will be staying through the extended hours.
  • All fees are non-refundable unless either A) It is determined that your booth will be a duplication of a previously registered entry or B) You notify us by Friday, July 13, 2018, that you will be unable to participate. In the case of B, your refund will require a $5 processing fee.

11:00 am-4:00 pm      OR     11:00 am-10:00 pm

Farmington Resident:                                     $45                                          $90

Non-Resident                                                  $55                                          $110

*Truck/Trailer Fee                                           $10                                          $20

**Electrical Hook-up (per plug)                     $10                                          $20

***Tent Rental Fee                                         $10                                          $20

Late Fee (after July 6th)                                 $15                                          $15

*Festival Days will have a limit of 6 trucks/trailers. Trucks/trailers will be required to pay the trailer fee, along with the fees required for extra space used.

**Festival Days will NOT supply extension cords. Overnight electricity is $20.

***The City has limited tents to rent. They will be reserved on a first come, first-serve basis. They will not be set up until Saturday morning.



Food Booths:

  1. An approved application. Only items which have been approved for sale will be allowed.
  2. At least one person with a food handler’s permit present at all times in the booth.
  3. A temporary food establishment permit.
  4. Sanitizing solution as prescribed by the Health Department.
  5. A dumpster will be available for use. If dumping grease, please make sure it is contained.

Non-food booths & Activities:

  1. An approved application. Only items which have been approved for sale will be allowed. This is to prevent booths from selling duplicate items.
  2. A copy of your company’s liability insurance if providing a ride or activity.


If any of the above guidelines are not adhered to, we reserve the right to revoke participation rights at any time without refund.


Please email Kathy Pozzuoli at (preferred contact please) or call (801) 721-2618 with any questions.  You may also contact Farmington City Parks & Recreation by calling (801) 451-0953.



Kathy Pozzuoli/Nancy Thacker

720 West 100 North

Farmington, Utah 84025