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Farmington City Police Dishonored Check Process and Packet

Please read and answer the following questions before completing any paperwork:

  1. Is the check in question a two party check? Yes / No
  2. Is the check in question post-dated, have a hold on it or backdated? Yes / No
  3. Have you received a partial payment for the check in question? Yes / No
  4. Was the check in question issued as payment for a pre-existing debt? Yes / No

    If you have answered yes to any of questions 1-4, the Farmington City Police Department will not investigate the matter, as the situation is not criminal but civil in nature. The Second District Court, 800 West State, 447-3800, has information regarding civil proceedings.

  5. Was the check in question presented in Farmington City? Yes/ No

    If the answer to question #5 is no, Farmington City has no jurisdiction to prosecute this matter. The report should be filed in the jurisdiction where the check was written.

    Do not file this check packet if any of the above is applicable, as no action can be taken by the Farmington City Police Department. If it is a civil matter, contact the Second District Court. If it is a criminal matter and in another jurisdiction, contact the appropriate Police agency.

    If you answered No to questions 1-4 and Yes to Question #5, please download and print the Dishonored Check Report (PDF). Follow all the procedures listed in this PDF:

Farmington City Police Dishonored Check Packet

Bring the Dishonored Check Report, a photocopy of the check, (both front and back), a photocopy of the registered mail receipt and signature, along with any additional supporting documentation to the Police Department. An Officer will review the paper work and will determine if the Police Department will investigate the incident any further. If so, you will receive an incident number from the officer for your records.