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Tips to deter vehicle burglaries



You can prevent vehicle theft.  Most cars are taken by amateurs who can be stopped fairly easily.  You can increase your protection by taking the following precautions:

Don’t leave anything of value in your car, electronics, purses, packages, or boxes.  Put everything that you intend on leaving in the vehicle in the trunk before you park the vehicle.  Placing items in the trunk while in a large parking lot could be viewed by suspects who will target your vehicle after you leave knowing that there is something of value in the trunk because they watched you put it there.

Lock Up
An unlocked car is an open invitation to a car thief.  Lock the trunk or tailgate.  Close all windows - professional thieves have tools that unlock cars through the smallest openings.  When you park your car, remove cellular phones, cassette players and other valuable possessions.

LOCK YOUR CAR EVEN IF YOU ARE MAKING A QUICK STOP AT THE GAS STATION, OR CONVENIENCE STORE. And do not leave your vehicle unattended and running for even a "few seconds".

Park Carefully
Don't leave your car in an unattended public parking lot for an extended period.  It is five times more likely to be stolen from an unattended lot than from the street or attended lot.  Never attach a tag with your name and address to your key ring. If the keys are lost or stolen, the tag will lead the thief directly to your car and your home.  If you have to leave your keys with a parking lot attendant, just leave the ignition key.

Other Motor Vehicles
Thefts of snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats and trail-bikes are also increasing.  Many of the same precautions apply to recreational vehicles.  Lock it and make sure all easy-to-carry items like motors, water skis and camping gear are locked up before leaving your vehicle.

Chain It
Vehicles carried on trailers should be secured with a strong chain and padlock.  When the trailer is not attached to your car, secure it with a heavy chain and lock to a stationary object.  Chain your motorcycle or snowmobile to a stationary object such as a lamppost or sewer grating.  Even when your vehicle is in the garage, use a heavy chain and padlock that resists conventional steel hacksaw blades.

Identify It
Many specialized vehicles don't have VINs and should be marked with an ID number, such as a drivers license.

In Summary:

  1. Always lock your doors and roll up your windows.
  2. If you have a garage or carport, use them.  Avoid parking on the street.
  3. Invest in motion lights and/or park your vehicle in well-lighted areas.
  4. Remove valuables from your car when you leave it unattended.  When away from home lock valuables in the trunk of your car.
  5. Do not keep an extra key in or around your vehicle.
  6. Invest in an alarm system.
  7. Always write down the model and serial numbers of your stereo equipment.
  8. Participate in a neighborhood watch program.
  9. Never leave your vehicle running while unattended, even if it’s just for a minute.
  10. Avoid putting stickers on your windows advertising your stereo equipment.
  11. Avoid playing your stereo loudly while driving in your neighborhood.
  12. Report any suspicious activity or persons in your neighborhood to the police.