Water Overage 101


Farmington City has an electronic meter system that records the amount of water that your home uses each month.  Your meter is electronically read every month and the beginning and ending reading are recorded on your monthly billing statement.  Residential customers are charged $18.80 per month for water services which provides customers with 5000 gallons of water each month.  Any usage over the 5000 is charged a water overage fee.  Studies completed by the City show the average water usage in Farmington is between 7000 and 8000 gallons per month.

Will a City water leak affect my water usage?

  • No, you are only charged for water that flows through your meter.

Does the City offer a credit if I’ve had a water leak?

  • Yes, if a repair is made which can be verified by the next monthly meter read the City can credit your account half of the water overage fee for a maximum of three months.

Possible reasons for overages: running toilet, water softener recycling frequently, leaking faucet, washing cars, swimming pools, swamp coolers and outdoor watering.


Leak Size chart pic

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