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City Hall
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025





Municipal Elections are every other year. Municipal Elections do not occur the same year as the Federal Presidential elections.

For information regarding elections, please visit the Davis County website at or call 801-451-3589.

Mayor Profile

Jim Talbotcrop

JIM TALBOT (Incumbent)



My wife, Karen, and I have lived in Farmington for 26 years and have raised our four children here. For almost 13 years, I have served our City on the Planning Commission, as a City Councilman, and as your Mayor.  I’ve witnessed the challenges facing our community and have worked diligently to solve these issues.  I love this City and care deeply about it’s future.  This election marks a critical time in the future of our City.  My experience and knowledge of the issues, and love for this community and its residents, persuades me to run once again for Mayor.    Thank you for your support.

City Council Candidate Profiles

Brigham Mellorcrop

Brigham Mellor (Incumbent)


This is my first “re-election” bid. Four short years ago, I promised more park space in the city to serve our ever-growing population, especially our youth. We now have over 60 acres of park ground we didn’t have four years ago and a much needed gymnasium for indoor recreation. I promised fiscal responsibility; now we have the largest general fund balance in this city’s history. This council has produced higher fund balances and lower property tax rates every year since I have been in office. I promised quality development; Vista Outdoors, U of U Hospital, Pluralsight, Cabela’s, and Mercedes Benz dealership have all been a part of that promise coming to fruition. This is the most important time in Farmington’s history. I am not the captain of this municipal ship (the voters are the captain) but I am a trained, proven, and valuable crew member. I am committed to four more years of dedicated service on your behalf on the Farmington City Council, if you are willing to elect me.

Rebecca Waymentcrop

Rebecca Wayment

The Farmington/Centerville area has been my home for almost 30 years. I have lived in Farmington with my husband, Doug, and five daughters for nine years. I am running for City Council because I love our beautiful, quaint and vibrant community of Farmington!

I am aware of many issues facing our city as well as long-term planning and development goals for the greater area. Farmington currently faces serious decisions with future development and improvement. For the past five years I’ve served as a Planning Commissioner for Farmington – two years serving as Chairwoman. I am committed solutions that meet our needs as residents, and maintain the attractive qualities that make Farmington a great place to live.

I believe in the public process. City Councils should be well-informed on the issues; council members should listen, understand the needs of the people, and work to meet those needs. I’m not a politician. I am a mother, wife, and involved community member, which gives me a unique perspective on what really matters in our community. With education and experience to do what it takes, I’ll take the time to listen and act in the best interest of the citizens of Farmington.