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City Hall
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025




Trails Committee

Farmington Trails Committee Meeting Agenda                                                                           

October 18th 2018, 7:00pm at the city offices, 160 S Main St.

Welcome and Introductions: Ron Robinson

Excused Absences: N/A

Reverence: Open

Minutes Approval: September

Introduce guests or general public:




Legal 7:10

Election for Vice-Chairman

Appointees for open seat

Dedication of Committee members



Finances 7:35

Trail Guide Books

Signs for Flag Rock

Plaque/signs for Adopt a Trail

New mile patches/awards Vs. pin’s



Trails 8:00

Opening of new Bird Sanctuary/Farmington Bay

Disc Golf/Ranches

Open feedback on trails


Organization Interfaces 8:20

Davis County Active Transportation meeting report/Canceled




Planning 8:45

Fall hike-Saturday October 27th, Farmington Spine Trail



Meeting Adjourned



Next Meeting- November 15th 2018