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Introduction: One of the interesting and exciting requirements for achieving the Eagle Scout rank is the required Eagle service project. The Eagle candidate, while a Life scout, must plan, develop, and give leadership to others in the performance of a service project that will benefit the community, a religious institution, or school. The key to the successful Eagle project is leadership as the Scout expands his service to others, outside of Scouting, in the community.

The candidate must develop his plan and have it approved by his Scoutmaster. After completion of the project, the candidate must write an after-action report explaining the results of the project. The “Life to Eagle” packet explains this process step by step. The projects included here are not in detail but are short descriptions of some projects.
Boy Scout Info
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These will help you get the ideas going. There are a wide variety of projects just waiting for you to discover. Good luck as you start to learn what serving others is all about!


Here are a few suggestions on places to contact.

  • Your school The board of education
  • Your church or synagogue
  • Children’s homes
  • The Red Cross Youth agencies
  • Senior citizen’s centers
  • Public libraries Veteran’s organizations
  • Hospitals Women’s center / shelter Civic clubs
  • Welfare agencies
  • State & national parks
  • Conservation groups
  • Salvation Army Homes for the aged
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools for the handicapped
  • Local housing authority
  • Drug information centers
  • The United Way Forest Service

Almost every institution and agency needs help at some time. Contact ones in your area and discuss their needs with them.

The City of Farmington is pleased to participate with the Boy Scouts of America in accommodating useful and worthwhile Eagle scout projects. With the large number of boys requesting possible Eagle projects the following guidelines are hereby adopted to insure successful and appropriate projects.

Eagle projects must be approved by the City if the project takes place on or improvements are made to City property. The cost of the Eagle project is the responsibility of the Eagle scout candidate. In most cases this means the City will not contribute to the funding of the projects except in situations where the City is sponsoring the project and is inviting scouts to participate by providing the labor. The City may provide suggestions for possible projects. When an Eagle scout candidate selects a project that involves City property, he should submit a detailed plan to the City that includes the project

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