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To sign up for City utilities, please print out the following application form and drop it off to the City Offices at 160 S. Main or send it by email to  You may also fax your application to 451-2747.

Pay Utility Bill Online

Utilities Application (PDF)

Request for Extra Garbage/Recycling Can (PDF)

Farmington Crossing Garbage & Sewer Application (PDF Format) Farmington Crossing on Spring Creek Residents are required to fill out a different form.

Utility Billing Direct Withdrawl Form (PDF Format) The City also offers direct withdrawl of your monthly utility bill from your checking or savings account.  Print off the following form and drop it off with a voided check or deposit slip to the City Offices at 160 S Main.

(1 Month Billing Period)

Water minimum



Additional Can

Storm Water Drainage








Overage Charges

Quantity Used-

0 to 5,000

5,001 to 10,000

10,001 to 20,000

20,000 & above



Unit Price -







PREV BAL - Previous Balance

WATER - Water Overage

WTMIN - Water Minimum

SEWER - Sewer

GARB - Garbage

DRAIN - Storm Water Drainage

LF - Late Fee

CR - Credit