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City Hall
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650 West Roadway Improvements Project

Dog on Leash

Attention Dog Owners

Davis County ordinance stipulates that all dogs, licensed or not, must be restrained by a leash when not in the confines of a fenced property or cage.  Dog owners, thinking they know the temperament of their pet, occasionally allow them to roam without a leash.  Dogs approaching people and other animals can be frightening and dangerous.  Farmington City contracts with Davis County Animal Control to enforce this ordinance.  If you have a problem with loose animals in your neighborhood, call 801-444-2200.

Farmington City to Observe Annual Arbor Day Tradition

On Saturday, April 22nd, Farmington City will observe its annual Arbor Day tradition by hosting a City Cleanup.  You can volunteer to plant trees, clean up trails and parks, and generally spiff up our community.  Bring your work gloves and yard tools and meet at Forbush Park (100 S Main) at 8:00 am.

Spring Clean Up March 27, 2017


Extra Garbage Day April 15, 2017

Poison control pic

Poison Prevention Week

March 19-25, 2017 is National Poison Prevention Week. The purpose of this week is to help reduce poisonings by increasing the awareness of the problem.
  • For more information contact the Health Department. (801) 525-5000

Farmington Canyon Season Closure

Farmington City is cooperating with the Forest Service and locking the City gate above Farmington Pond effective 11/9/16.  As we have done for the last several years, our gate is locked once the Forest Service locks the Canyon gate for the winter season which they have now done per the closure order.  Only those uses stated in the closure order are allowed through the locked gates.  Fines and citations will be issued for any party violating the closure order or caught tampering with the locked gates. Forest Service: 801-466-6411
Trail Book

New Trail Books

Pick yours up today at City Hall (160 S Main) for $15.  This price will only last as long as the current supply, so come in today and get yours!
  • 63 full-color aerial imagery maps with GPS-verified routes
  • Detailed trail descriptions and points of interest
  • Directions to access points and trailheads
  • Instructions for downloading your own digital Farmington Trails map
  • Wildlife and plant identification, information, and safety tips
  • Photographs of some of Farmington's most scenic locations
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Common Landscaping Project Storm water Ordinance Violations


Farmington City Supports Citizen's & Businesses Request for Safer Park Lane Overpass


UDOT Buys a Large Portion of the Buffalo Ranch for Purposed WDC