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City Hall
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025




Public Notices 2017

06/08/2017 HEARING: Memmott Rezone PC
06/06/2017 HEARING: Property Annex to Kaysville City
05/18/2017 NOTICE: PC Agenda Meeting Cancellation
05/16/2017 HEARING: Omnibus CC - 2017
05/04/2017 HEARING: OMU Small Area Plan GP PC
04/20/2017 HEARING: Omnibus PC
NOTICE OF INTENT Road Capital Facilities Plan Amendment 2017
03/21/2017 HEARING: FC Road Capital Facilities Plan Amendment 2017
03/07/2017 HEARING: Station Park North CC
02/23/2017 HEARING: Station Park North PC
02/23/2017 HEARING: BP Chapter 14 ZT PC
2017 LEGAL NOTICE: Municipal Election
01/17/2017 NOTICE: CC Cancellation
02/07/2017 HEARING: Brian Call DDS Rezone CC
02/07/2017 HEARING: Chapter 18 ZT and Reg Plan Amend CC
02/07/2016 HEARING: Adamson Monumetric Rezone CC
02/07/2017 HEARING: Evans Rezone CC
01/05/2017 HEARING: Brain Call DDS Rezone PC
01/05/2017 HEARING: Adamson Monumetric Rezone PC
01/05/2017 HEARING: Evans Rezone PC
01/05/2017 HEARING: Chapter 18 ZT & Reg Plan Amend PC