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City Hall
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025


Mail fee & app:
Farmington City
P. O. Box 160
Farmington, UT 84025


Heidi Bouck



Anyone operating or conducting business in the City of Farmington must obtain a City Business License. The two main categories of business licenses are "General" and "Home Occupation". The General Business License is for any business operating in a commercial area. The Home Occupation License is designed for those businesses being operated from the home. There are certain requirements and restrictions which apply to the issuance of a Home Occupation License. (Please see Home Occupation License Application for details.)

The fee for the General License is $75 and the Home Occupation License is $40.00 per year and the license is renewable every January. In addition to the $75.00 fee for General Business Licenses there is an "enhanced service fee" for law enforcement calls at $5.00 per call above 10 calls per year. Beginning July 1st of each year the fee for the Home Occupation license is reduced 50% to $20 and the Commercial License is also reduced 50% to $37.50.

Door to door salesmen, or solicitors, must have a "Solicitors License" in order to sell door to door. The fee for a solicitor license is $75 plus $20 per solicitor. Each applicant must submit an application along with proof of identification, proof of registration with the Utah State Department of Commerce, BCI background check and a 1x1 photograph taken within the last year.

Applications for the General Business License and the Home Occupation License can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link below. If mailing: complete and send the application along with the fee to Farmington City, P. O. Box 160, for processing. Call Heidi Bouck 801-939-9209 for additional information.