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Spring Cleanup

Spring cleanup begins March 28, 2016 (Residential limbs & branches only)

Rules: Must be stacked, maximum length 5’. Maximum width 8”. Restricted to one 10-wheel dump truck load per residence. Approximate pile size is 10 feet long, 6 feet wide and 4 feet high.  Limbs stacked in the same direction allows for increased volume in the pile.  Material must be placed at the curb line BEFORE beginning collection day. Collection trucks will ONLY drive by your home ONCE. No bags or boxes. Leaves can be left in piles. Disposal: Material is mulched at the Central Davis Sewer District Treatment Plant. THESE RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Collection Schedule:

Monday April 4, 2016: From State Street South to City limits, including west Farmington area.

Monday March 28, 2016: From State Street North to City limits, including Oakridge area.

Click here for a map of the collection areas!

Street sweeping will be done after spring cleanup is completed. The Street Sweeper can't pick up limbs or twigs over 6 inches long.  They plug up the vacuum hose.  After cleanup is done please rake up the limbs and twigs in your gutter and throw them in your garbage can.  This will help the Street Sweeper be more efficent.

Additional Collection Service: On Saturday April 16, 2016 there will be an extra day of automated garbage collection.

The City’s contract with the garbage hauler, Robinson Waste Services provides for this service annually. The collection day is city-wide. Materials should be placed in the regular, roll- out black container and rolled to the curb line by 6:00 am on the above date. No non-processable waste, such as rocks, dirt, appliances, hazardous wastes, etc. is permitted.

Wasatch Energy Systems

Car, Pick Up, Single Axle Trailer Cost: $5.00 per load. Other, to include Flatbed and Larger Trucks, and Double Axle Trailer Cost:$26.00 per ton ($5.00 min.) Clean Green Waste: Includes the following: lawn clippings, leaves, tree and shrub trimmings, wood pallets, clean lumber, etc. Cost: $10.00 per ton ($5.00 min)

Processed Green Waste: Includes the following: manure, sawdust, and chipped limbs. Cost: $5.00 per ton ($5.00 min.) DOES NOT INCLUDE: treated wood (plywood, particle board, siding, painted, stained or pressure treated lumber), root balls, sod, dirt, pieces longer than 8' and/or 12" diameter.

Time: 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

Place: 650 East Hwy 193, Layton, Utah Call 801-614-5600 for more information.

Farmington City Public Works

720 W. 100 N. Farmingtin, UT 84025