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16.0 - Hornet Canyon

Length: 1.0 mile
Time: 2 to 3 hours round trip
Rating: Intermediate
Elevation Rise: 1200 ft.
Use: Hike

Description: This is a hiking trail up Hornet Canyon with some steep climbs and an easy rockslide crossing. The trail is in good shape with a beautiful view of the canyon, a seasonal waterfall, and rugged cliffs.

Trailhead Location: The trailhead splits off the Steed Canyon Trail 0.2 mile east from the Steed Canyon Trail head. The Steed Canyon Trailhead is on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at about 300 South just north of the creek.

Constuction Status: The trail is smooth to the mine but needs rock and brush clearing for the rest of the way, although the trail is easy to follow clear to the seasonal waterfall.

NOTE: The safety of the mine cannot be assured. You enter the mine at your own risk

Contact: (with questions, tours, suggestions, service project ideas)Trail Chief George G. Chipman at 451-6945 or email ggc@csw.L-


  • Parallels a mountain stream.
  • Passes a mine with cool temperatures inside for resting on a hot day. NOTE: Enter at your own risk!
  • Visit Mezzanine Rock (a flat rock jutting out into the canyon with a grand entry way, opera box, and stone benches)