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1.0 - Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST)

Length: 5 miles
Time: 1.5 - 3 hours
Rating: Intermediate
Elevation Rise: 100 ft.
Use: jog/walk, hike, mountain bike, equestrian

Bonneville Trail

Description: There are four sections of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail that pass east of Farmington (See "Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Shepard/Compton/Steed/Davis Sections" for information on the sections.) This is a very popular trail running north and south along the shoreline of the ancient Lake Bonneville.

This is part of a system of trails intended to eventually run from Nephi, Utah to Preston, Idaho. The trail generally follows the shoreline terraces left by the ancient Lake Bonneville 15,500 years ago. The highest shelf is at 5150 feet, the Bonneville Level, then the Provo Level at 4800 feet, followed by the Stansbury Level at 4450 feet and finally, the Gilbert Level at 4200 feet. In the Pleistocene (Ice Age) Era the lake covered a third of Utah. As the ice melted the lake level rose and eventually broke through at Red Rock Pass, Idaho, in a deluge that lasted a year and dropped the lake 350 feet to the Provo Level. The lake floor rose 200 feet in a textbook case of isostatic crustal rebound.

The current route near Farmington has not been officially approved for the BST but generally follows the Weber Basin Aqueduct Road (WBAR) also known as the firebreak road. This double-track trail will take you south from the Davis Canyon Trailhead to Centerville. The tread base is loose dirt with rocky sections.

This north/south trail provides connections to east/west trails: Fruit Heights Upper Terrace, Shepard Creek, Farmington Creek, Farmington Spine, Rudd Canyon, Patsy's Mine, Steed Creek, Davis Creek, Lund Lane, and Bountiful Peak.

For more information on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail contact The Bonneville Trail Organization or The Mountainland Organization

Constuction Status: The trail is fairly smooth with a gravel and dirt base and some rocky sections.

Contact: (with questions, tours, suggestions, service project ideas) Trail Chief George Chipman at 451-6945 .


  • Provides connects to canyon trails.
  • Part of a larger trail system to run half the length of the state.
  • Fairly level north/south trail.
  • Enjoy stunning sunsets across the lake.